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I’m a self-styled Schlock Connoisseur.  This post is inspired by The Tim & Eric show on Adult Swim.  I’m constantly amazed by their skill in recreating the look and feel of cheesy 80’s videos.  Most of the Schlock Gems from my collection are from the early 80’s, before vhs home recording was common. So as a bit of a tribute I post some image nuggets here from my ZippyClip page.

ZippyClip ShowBiz

ZippyClip ShowBiz

Early Morning NYC 4H - Who Knew?

Early Morning NYC 4H – Who Knew?

ZippyClip B-wood

ZippyClip B-wood

For The ZippyClip Experience mash-up I’m using the actual footage for a kind of Schlock Manifesto (in kind of a video wall).  I reprise some images above since they are small in the grid and go by quickly. Since the ZippyClip Experience is a mash-up, it enjoys some protection as ‘appropriation art‘ or ‘transformative work‘ involving ‘commentary.’

However as I have learned the hard way, posting the clips as ‘stand-alone’ items -that have not been cleared- is precarious.  I used to have these clips posted to my PaulJD2006 YouTube account, but YT closed it down for infringement which I am contesting.  Here is more of what the world is missing out on:)

Other ZippyClips

Other ZippyClips

This situation is especially frustrating because I would describe most all of these as “orphaned clips.” Which is to say they would not be on the web but for my having archived, curated re-presented them.  It’s debatable whether the creators even kept copies.  I wish there was a YouTube safe zone for these “orphaned clips” that are definitely not competing against some commercial product.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the status of (vintage) video collectors who post on YouTube. These collectors and their videos are a central source of Youtube’s mojo and stickiness.  However collectors who share via YouTube, too often have accounts with short lives because of copyright infringement claims.  My enhanced understanding of the issues involved come via this book “Reclaiming Fair Use: How To Put Balance Back In Copyright.”  I heartily recommend it.  It’s also a good introduction into the Fair Use / ReMix / Mash-up Culture.

Besides tipping my hat to the Tim & Eric show, I also want to recognize theses blogs that continue to inspire me as they cast their wide net for schlock gems, PCL LinkDump and VideoThunder.


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